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Other ways to give

Individuals who donate land or buildings, either in their entirety or a proportion of the holding, to charity benefit from income tax relief and exemption from capital gains tax. In the UK, the donor must be able to show that the charity has agreed to accept the gift.

Charitable Giving through the Self Assessment (SA) tax return
is available to Individual taxpayers in the UK.
Please, nominate Task Brasil to receive all or part of any repayment and ask for Gift Aid to apply to your donation. Visit The Inland Revenue website for further details.
Task Brasil's tax code is CAR46RG.

By donating Shares to Task Brasil you can get substantial relief on your income tax bill, as well as exemption from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on any gains you may have made on the shares. All the tax relief goes to the donor.

You might want to discuss the options with your financial adviser or accountant. If you are considering giving us shares, please contact us today.

For more information contact +44(0)20 7735 5545 or donations@taskbrasil.org.uk or contact us!.

In the US, please contact us on donation@taskbrasil.org

UK Bank details:

In the UK:
Banco do Brasil
Barclays Bank plc

In the US:
Wachovia Bank.

In Brazil:
Banco do Brasil

Please, contact us to obtain bank details and to confirm details of your donation.

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